Ultimate Wedding Shower GOOGLE DRIVE

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It’s wedding season!! And this Facebook class teaches you all the techniques you’ll need to create the most beautiful, unique and dimensional wedding shower set. With 8 different designs, this is the most well versed class you can take. Learn how to pair simple techniques, with some intricate details and create balance within your future cookie sets  

this class does not include any q&a opportunities. You will not have access to me for any questions you have about the class or otherwise. This is reflected in the price differences in each class option. I will be unavailable once this class has been purchased. If you are looking for more of a community based class where you can ask questions and receive answers from myself and other members, I suggest choosing the Facebook class option!

  • 1 consistency guide video.
  • 1 dimensional wedding dress video.
  • 1 greenery texture and painted video.
  • 1 classic floral video.
  • 3 pressure piped floral videos.
  • 1 Watercolored stencil video.
  • 1 highly textured icing video. 
  • 8 designs to decorate your cookies.
  • Product and cutter link doc
  • Icing color doc
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